The system allows the owner and the project manager to follow up the project with ease by following up the performance of the employees for each stage and knowing the number of work orders for each employee

The system distinguishes employees and enables you to know the level of performance of your employees in the required tasks by quickly completing the migration of work orders from their basket to the employee's basket in the next stage

Organizing and arranging the work by specifying tasks for each employee and the specified time to complete the work, by completing all the required data in his phase

Ease of following up the number of work orders and work order statuses (executed - not executed - current separation - in progress - notes) with just one look

It is supported by a system for the warehouse that controls the exchange and incoming operations from the electricity and shows the balance of each material in the warehouse with detailing the quantities of each work order from each material in the warehouse and making a material balance for each work order indicating the actual quantities executed and the quantities disbursed on the work order and the material difference between the actual and the disbursed

Extracting an automatic completion certificate for each work order with the power to add or delete items from it for final submission

Easy follow-up of abstracts for each contract

An online system through which you can determine the position of any work order with its details and balance the materials from anywhere and at any time

There is a mobile application for each stage through which the work is carried out on the sites with flexibility and ease, and any data is recorded directly from the site supported by uploading any number of images or documents to the online server from any place and time

Distributing the daily work to the teams through the head of the department who issues the daily work of the foreman by sending it on the application that gives the foreman a notice that he has daily tasks that must be accomplished and through the application the foreman can access the documents of each work order without printing papers and he can record the works executed for each Work order and upload photos of implementation through the application

It saves a huge amount of consumption of inks and photocopy papers that are consumed on a daily basis

The possibility of taking the necessary reports during a period of any data in the program