About Us

Creative Matrix Commercial Corporation for integrated software solutions, founded in 2007
We offer you the design and development of websites and mobile applications and everything related to the field of information technology for private and public companies, the business sector, educational bodies and institutions and all commercial activities.
Where we aim to provide integrated systems and solutions to our customers in all areas of software and fulfill their requirements with high accuracy and efficiency.

About System

Our system is based on organizing, arranging and following up the stages of executing work orders among the employees, starting from sending the tasks required at work until the completion of the work and entering an extract and archiving it.
This is done by creating a special basket for each employee, the work order is migrated from the employee’s basket after the completion of its phase and the necessary data is entered for that time, then the matter moves to the second phase, but it is not allowed to transfer the work order from his basket to another basket without completing all the required data.

Our Features

The system allows the owner and the project manager to follow up the project with ease by following up the performance of the employees for each stage and knowing the number of work orders for each employee

The system distinguishes employees and enables you to know the level of performance of your employees in the required tasks by quickly completing the migration of work orders from their basket to the employee's basket in the next stage

Organizing and arranging the work by specifying tasks for each employee and the specified time to complete the work, by completing all the required data in his phase

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